Education and culture connected through a Magical Book

We all have the right to receive an education. However, 121 million children can not go to school, either because of the war, the climate or the distance they must travel everyday to get there.

With Globed we will give these children the possibility to learn from wherever they are.

GlobEd is a low cost device with internet connection that offers different tools for primary and secondary learning.


But what sets Globed apart is the social component, since it allows the possibility of videoconferences between schools around the world and to share videos and stories showing different cultures.





  • With Globed we get children who do not have access to education to receive it.

  • The collaborating schools will send the device, sponsoring a group of children who will become their classmates.

  • These schools benefit from cultural exchange and language practice.

  • Globed is respectful with the environment, since it uses solar energy to charge.

  • It allows the students not to have to use notebooks or books, saving paper and making it much more comfortable.

GlobEd Team

Clara Pantín

CEO y Cofounder

Paula Lamas

CTO y Cofounder

Nalú Rodriguez

CMO y Cofounder

Beatriz Padín

Driver - M. Peleteiro

Xavier Verdaguer

Advisor - Imagine

Silvia Carrascosa

Advisor - Audi

Alvaro Morte


There are several ways to collaborate with Globed

Which is yours?

We are a class

If you are a class interested in the project you just have to raise the money necessary to sponsor a group of children that would receive Globed.

I want to share knowledge

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge register to solve doubts and generate content.

We are a


If you are a company interested in collaborating, contact us.

We are a


If you are an NGO, a non-profit association, etc. Interested in receiving Globed to distribute it where necessary, contact us.

We want to


You can also collaborate economically with our project.

Preguntas más frecuentes

Is Globed used individually or as a class?

This product would be used by a group of children who come together to have class.

Where is Globed sent?

It is aimed at children in refugee camps and schools around the world that have few resources.

Does it need an Internet connection?

Much of the content can be used offline, but has a large social component that requires connection.

How to join the project?

You can collaborate with us as a class, company, expert or NGO. For more information access the following link.


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